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More languages, more fun! Welcome to my website about constructed languages!

Conlangs and Conscripts

Emoji Language 😀💬
A logographic language written entirely in Unicode emoji
A topological language with minimalist syntax
A musical language based on existing compositions
A continuous handwritten script
A vertical variation of Linear1
Writing with colors

Other Languages and Codes

Software Tools

Anagram finder for any wordlist
Letter frequency analyzer
Excel® column converter
Converts alphabetic and numeric column names
sorta, rang, 90
Sorting, categorizing, converting text/numbers
T10 and T11
Type without moving your fingers (experimental)
English Clock
Sample implementation of a JavaScript clock

Essays and Resources

Self-hosting language
What are self-hosting (constructed) languages?
Self-segregating morphology and Word length
A comparison of different SSM methods for IALs
Ringscripts, Starscripts and Tunnelscripts
Terminology for circular scripts
KuBo: Communicating Touch Over Distance
A chatbot for tactile communication
Word frequency in Present-Day English
A frequency list based on the AMALGUM corpus
The Vim pyramid
Visualization of the Vim editor's motion commands
Spellbinder 2: Jumps Between Worlds
A nerdy analysis of travelling to parallel worlds
Organic Conlanging
Tips for learning and growing your own conlang
A posteriori How-to
Introduction to a posteriori conlanging
Test Sentence Archive
Example sentences for testing your conlang
Conlang speakers
List of conlangs by number of speakers
Conlang Filmography
List of movies about conlanging
Conlang-related YouTube channels
A curated list of conlang/conscript video creators
Around the Web
Other interesting language-related projects


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