About this site

A little bit of background regarding my motivation for building this website the way it is:

When I was a little kid, some of my favorite places to visit wouldn't be traditional art museums, but rather technology-related museums – or, to put it a better way, the ones that would mix both art and science.

Some examples would include Electropolis, ZKM, Écomusée, and perhaps the Swiss Transport Museum. I'm not exactly sure if and how they have changed over the years, but back in the days, they would be great places to visit.

The magic that these places had would come, at least in part, from the fact that they often had interactive elements – as a visitor, you would be able to push a button or the like, and suddenly something would move, you would hear an explanation etc.

So, I believe in order to learn about something, to really understand something, you need to be able to interact with it, to play around with it. This is one of the reasons that I like to include interactive elements on this site, for example:

In summary, this is the reason why I named the website "Thomas' Language Playground": It's designed so that you can play with and explore new facets of language, and communication in general. I hope you're enjoying your visit as much as I enjoyed making the site!

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