List of conlangs by number of speakers

This page lists constructed languages (conlangs) ranked by their number of speakers, similar to the List of languages by total number of speakers on the English Wikipedia.

Unlike the List of languages by number of native speakers, this page lists the total number of speakers, without making a distinction between native (L1) speakers and second language (L2) speakers.

4Interlingua1,500 (written?)2000Wikipedia
5Toki Pona408+2021TP census
6Lingwa de planeta25+2012Wikipedia

For Toki Pona, the number of speakers was calculated by adding the self-reported intermediate, advanced, and fluent speakers from the 2021 Toki Pona census. The actual number of speakers may be higher, because not all of them took part in the survey.

Please note that the number of Klingon speakers is outdated and has likely risen since 1996, due to Star Trek still being a popular sci-fi franchise and more learning resources available on the Internet.

For many other well-known conlangs such as Dothraki, Láadan, Lojban, Na'vi, Quenya, Solresol, and others there are no reliable sources for their number of speakers. Thus, this list is by no means exhaustive.

Presumably, languages connected to popular media franchises, such as Dothraki or Na'vi, do have a significant number of speakers, but it is difficult to find exact numbers. Estimates are further complicated by the fact that not all languages are developed enough to be spoken fluently without fan-made additions.

Last updated: 2022-06-09

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