German Vowel Phonology

A simplified overview of the Standard German vowel system, with interactive audio samples.

IPA Vowel Chart

Overview of the sixteen German vowels, comprising fourteen different qualities, two of them with long/short distinction:

FrontNear-frontCentralNear backBack
Near-closeɪ Mitteʏ Müllerʊ Mutter
Close-midstehlenøː HöhleOfen
Midə bitte
Open-midɛ Stelleɛː Käseœ Hölleɔ offen
Opena Kammkam

Note: The single vowel [ɐ] (near-open central vowel, like [ə] but more open) may be considered an allophone of the sequence /ər/.

Long/Short Distinction

Comparison of the eight long/short vowel pairs:

kama Kamm-unrounded
ɛː Käseɛ Stelle-unrounded
stehlenə bitte↓ open, → backunrounded
Mieterɪ Mitte↓ open, → backunrounded
Mühleʏ Müller↓ open, → backrounded
Mutʊ Mutter↓ open, ← front ⚠️rounded
Ofenɔ offen↓ openrounded
øː Höhleœ Hölle↓ openrounded

Note that the roundedness quality does not change with the long/short distinction.


How vowels are written and pronounced in the German alphabet:

German letterLong pronunciationShort pronunciationRoundedness
akama Kammunrounded
äɛː Käseɛ Stelleunrounded
estehlenɛ Stelle ⚠️ / ə bitteunrounded
iMieterɪ Mitteunrounded
oOfenɔ offenrounded
öøː Höhleœ Höllerounded
uMutʊ Mutterrounded
üMühleʏ Müllerrounded

Note: The letter "y" is considered a consonant that is pronounced the same as "j", but in some loanwoards it is pronounced like the vowels "i" or "ü".


How vowel quality of the three umlaut letters differs:

LetterLong p.Short p.UmlautLong p.Short p.ChangeRoundedness
akama Kammäɛː Käseɛ Stelle↑ closeunrounded
oOfenɔ offenöøː Höhleœ Hölle← frontrounded
uMutʊ MutterüMühleʏ Müller← frontrounded

Note that the roundedness quality does not change with umlauts.

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