by Thomas Heller


Linear2 is a vertical variant of the Linear1 script (follow the link for more information). It can be read from top to bottom, left to right (or right to left if the lines are arranged this way).

Example text

"The history of Linear2 script is equally long and complicated. Many tried to decipher its meaning, but very few have succeeded. May you, blessed traveller, grasp its secret!"


No. Glyph English name Symbol Position R/A O/C Shifts Latin
1 right circle right circle circle right round closed 1 a
2 left circle left circle circle left round closed 1 b
3 double circle double circle circle symmetrical round closed 2 c
4 right double circle right double circle double circle right round closed 2 d
5 left double circle left double circle double circle left round closed 2 e
6 double double circle double double circle double circle symmetrical round closed 4 f
7 right curve right curve curve right round open 2 g
8 left curve left curve curve left round open 2 h
9 double curve double curve curve symmetrical round closed 2 i
10 right heart right heart heart right round closed 3 j
11 left heart left heart heart left round closed 3 k
12 double heart double heart heart symmetrical round closed 5-6 l
13 right braid right braid braid right round closed 3 m
14 left braid left braid braid left round closed 3 n
15 tip right tip tip right angular open 3 o
16 left tip left tip tip left angular open 3 p
17 diamond diamond tip symmetrical angular closed 5 q
18 right box right box box right angular open 4 r
19 left box left box box left angular open 4 s
20 double box double box box symmetrical angular closed 6 t
21 right sideways pyramid right sideways pyramid triangle right angular closed 4 u
22 left sideways pyramid left sideways pyramid triangle left angular closed 4 v
23 hourglass hourglass triangle symmetrical angular closed 6 w
- space space - - - - 0  

Note: Some characters have different English names compared to Linear1.

For this presentation, the order of characters has been kept the same as Linear1, so that the Latin letter mappings appear in order. This makes the table more readable. The preferred way of presenting Linear2 is listing left position characters before right position characters though.

Stick extension

To represent all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, 3 more characters are needed. To compensate for this, the following stick symbols can be used in addition to the 23 main characters:

No. Glyph English name Symbol Position R/A O/C Shifts Latin
24 right stick right stick stick right angular - 3 x
25 left stick left stick stick left angular - 3 y
26 double stick double stick stick symmetrical angular - 4 z

(These characters do not fulfill Linear1's second property of not writing over the same line again, but they fulfill Linear1's first property that all text is written as a continuous line. Because sticks are fairly easy to write, they are nonetheless presented here as the recommended way for writing additional letters.)


Sorry, there is no vector font of Linear2 yet, but if you want to experiment with Linear2 yourself, you can download PNG files for all characters in the following formats:

Images are in the png subdirectory of the archives.

HTML Generator

The following helper can be used to generate HTML code that makes use of the PNG "font". Enter some Latin characters (from the "Latin" columns above), click "generate" and corresponding <img> tags will appear.




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