Around the Web

A list of other language-related projects on the Internet that you might find interesting as well if you enjoy my website, in no particular order:

Sprachatlas Baden-Württemberg (by University of Tübingen)
An interactive map (with audio!) about regional dialects in Southwestern Germany
Zwangzigeins e.V. (founded by Lothar Gerritzen)
An initiative to support a more sensible pronunciation of German numerals
[German numerals can be really confusing when coming from a language with more regular numerals. When switching back and forth between German and another language, mistakes happen easily. Zwangzigeins definitely has a point there. On the other hand, it could be that German numerals are not a mental impediment, but actually a challenge that subconsciously stimulates the mind and produces more creative thinking in the first place, something that complex features of other languages might do as well. Who knows for sure?]

Feel free to send me links to other projects related to conlanging and linguistics (but of course I can't promise to include everything here).

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