The M1 Language

by Thomas Heller

M1 is a constructed language based on musical compositions. The name M1 is simply an abbreviation for Musical language 1.

Music is said to be a universal language. As someone who really enjoys music, I couldn't agree more. So why not build a language, that could be used to communicate basically anything, out of my favorite pieces of music?

On the other hand, M1 is by no means intended to be "universal" in an absolute sense. The language was created just for fun and entertainment, and the choice of songs is entirely subjective. (Note: As the list of songs used for this language has grown over a long time, probably not all songs still reflect my current taste in music.)

More information about M1 can be found on the following pages:

For copyright reasons, full audio recordings are sadly not available here. The links on these pages refer to the YouTube Music platform instead.

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