rang (pronounced "rain" [ˈɹeɪn]) is a little software utility that helps finding contiguous ranges within a list of numbers. For example, if you type "10", "11", "12", "14", "15", and "16" into the input box, it will output "10-12" and "14-16". The default is decimal, but by choosing the respective option from the input mode menu, you can also use rang with hexadecimal numbers. Coincidentally, rang can also be used to find gaps within sequences of numbers.

Normally, rang will read one number per line. (Numbers don't need to be sorted.) However, you can also chose the "Unicode" option from the input method menu. This will take every character from the input box (regardless which line), convert it to their hexadecimal Unicode representation, and output the corresponding ranges. This is particularly useful for finding the Unicode character classes ("Unicode blocks") to which symbols from a given text belong.

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