Test Sentences (Fink-Peterson Test Sentences)

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Notes (from original page)

Some of these may not be distinct from each other when expressed in a language in the most natural manner (like 60a vs. 60b in English); furthermore, there may be no relatively direct translation which is grammatical. Parenthesized parts of sentences are not necessarily to be translated, but merely serve as clarification.

List of Sentences


Approximately 257 words are required to produce these test sentences:

absurd, actually, agent, agree, alive, allow, anarchist (n), animal, appear, apple, area, arrest (v), artifact, attempt (v), baby, ball, bamboo, be sure about sth., be worth sth., bear (v), beautiful, become, bed (n), begin, behave, believe, bidet, big, bird, black, blue, book (n), born, boy, break (v), bring, brother, bug (v), burn, burst (v), buy (v), capture (v), careful, carry (v), cat, cease, child, chocolate, city, clean (adj), clearly, closed, cloud, cold, color (n), come, common sense, confused, cook (v), copy (v), country, couple (some), cow, daft, darned, daughter, dead, despicable, die, disabled, district, do, dog, door, drinking water, drop (v), drunk, duchess, eat, enter, escape (v), explanation, eyes (dual), fabricate, fall (v), fill (v), find out, fire (n), float (v), floor (n), fly (v), food, form (v), former, free (adj), full, game (animal), garden (n), girl, give, go, goddess, good, grass (n), green, group (n), guitar, half, happen, hat, hate (v), have, hear, heavy, help (v), high (intoxicated), hit (v), home, homework, honour (n), horse, hour, house (n), ice cream, idea, idiosyncracy, idol, imagine, jump (v), keep, knock-out gas, know, landfall, language, lay waste, leg, let, like (v and prep), linguist, live (v), living location, load (n), long (v), look (v), lose (v), love (v), man (n), marry, math, mean (v), medicine, meeting, melon, midnight, momentarily, money, moon, moral, mountain, name (v and n), need (v), net (Internet), night, order (v), parent, park (n), pay off, people, person, picture (n), place (n), play (v), prefer, priceless, provide, purchase (v), put, quite, rabbit, realize, rebellious, recommend, red (n), remember, remove, rice, ripened, risk (v), river, run (v), sack (v), say, sea, search (v), second (v), secure (v), see, seem, self (n), sell, several, shoot, shoulder (n), shout (v), shutter (n), sick, silent, simple, simply, sing, sit, sleep (v), small, socks (dual), speak, sprinkle, stand (v), stay, stone, store (n), storm (n), stove, strange, subject to debate, succumb, suggest, sweep, swim (v), take (v), tall, tank (container), tap (v), think, thread (online conversation), throw (v), today, town, tree, try, turn off, understand, upset, voice, wake up, walk (n), wall (n), want (v), water (n), wear (v), wed (v), well (n), white, woman, wood, word, year, yesterday

In addition to that, several "structure words" (pronouns, prepositions etc. – or whatever the equivalent in your language is) and some proper nouns are needed.

The exact number of words will depend on the lexicon of your conlang, assuming it is not just a relex of English.

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