Conlang-related YouTube channels

Here you'll find a curated list of conlang-related YouTube channels. If you believe a channel is missing or one of the entries is incorrect, please contact me.

This list includes all conlang-related channels, regardless of their "popularity". How exactly the YouTube algorithm works remains a mystery outside of Google. We do not know why some channels get recommended to more users than others, thus we should not necessarily equate subscriber count with quality of content.

The requirement for channels to appear on this list is substantial conlang-related content. Conlanging should be a recurring theme, or there must be at least one original conlang showcase video. Of course, channels related to conscripts/conscripting are included as well!

It is okay for channels to cover other topics as well, but general linguistics channels with little or no connection to conlanging are not included, because there are already plenty of lists promoting those channels around the web.

List of channels

Without further ado, here is the list, sorted alphabetically – the order does not imply a ranking of any kind:

There are currently 94 channels on the list.

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